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Photo galleries

To give you an first impression we made different photo galleries per activity or village. You can also follow us on social media.

Surf tours

A-Frames, a clean near-perfect long left and a short right.
A-Frames, a clean near-perfect long left and a short right.
A-Frames no danger of exposed reef, but when caught inside you are in for a paddle.
Hendro our cousin and boat driver.
Nipussi one of the most consistent waves in North Mentawai.
Nipussi, high-performance right-hand walls of water.
Ashore at Nipussi.
Missed a beautiful barrel wave at nipussi.
Pumping Nipussi super fun in different swells and wind.
Nipussi in the rain, the water is warm
Pitstops in the Pit stops super fun barreling in the afternoon
Fun at Bank Vaults
Reno one of the Umata Village boys.
Burgerworld a short, steep and often barreling take-off.
Burgerworld after take of a long open wall perfect for maneuvers.
Ripping it at Burgerworld.
Surf group enjoying the afternoon on sand island in front of the Umata Village accommodation.
Four Bobs a super clean and fun right-hander.
Four Bobs perfect for turns and going above or hitting the lip.
Four Bobs perfect wave before or after hitting the more gnarlier waves in the area.
Surfing an old canoe on sand island in front of the Umata Village accommodation

Island tours

Umata's beach and speedboat.
Umata's beach and speedboat.
Sand path to the Umata Village accommodation.
Sunny day at Umata Village.
Umata Village looking in.
Umata Village's front side.
Lunch at Umata, seafood rendang.
Local cooking - fresh spice paste.
Freshly caught bluefin trevally in Karangmajat island.
Local fisherman at Umata Village, always fresh fish.
Freshly caught mangrove jack, Karangmajat Island.
Spearfishing near Karangmajat Island.
Pananggalat Sabeu island in front of Umata Village.
Local fisherman is showing us how to eat palm heart.
A school of fish on the run of a predator.
Bintang time at the beach, there is a little island in front of Umata that consists only of sand!
Lobster dinner anyone?
Clown triggerfish, Karangmajat.
Dinner at Umata, freshly caught fish and vegetable curry.
Guests getting ready for bed at Umata Village.
Umata Village's double room.
Umata Village's twin room.
Sunrise at Umata Village.
Guests finished their meal at Umata Village.
Fun day with the guests.
Many fishing spots around the island. Fishing boats can shelter in the lagoon of Karangmajat island.
Lagoon at Karangmajat island.
Lagoon in Karangmajat has a mangrove forest.
There is a local phone and internet signal on the Karangmajat hill. Get a local sim card in Padang.
Little local store at Karangmajat island.
Umata Village's speed boat.
Surfboard storage at Umata Village.
Mudskipper Mentawai, the walking fish!
To get to and from the Island you will have to got through a river with many palms and mangroves.

Jungle tours

Below you can find a peek in the different villages of our jungle tours.

Teu Cookie's Uma from the front.
Teu Cookie's Uma from the front.
Teu Cookie view from the Uma, beautiful isn't it? The loincloths are drying.
Teu Cookie loves to make jokes.
Teu Cookie's large uma view to the back.
Teu Cookie's large uma view to the front.
Teu Cookie gathered the ingredients needed to make cough medicine.
Teu Cookie's cough medicine ingredients presented.
Teu Cookie's cough medicine is ready, it smells great!
When it is Rambutan season in Dorougot it is plentiful.
Mentawaians love durian, they cannot get enough of it. Do you dare to try?
Aman Jainambu is making a Mentawai bracelet for the guest.
Perfect for a rainy day, learn how to weave a basket in Dorougot.
Aman Saba is one of the best cooks in the Siberut jungle, his preparation of pork is awesome!
Yan is standing walking to the Kulukubuk waterfall. Incredible hike.
For some little shopping there is a store in Dorougot run by the daughter of a medicine man.
Teu Toikot arrived at the uma from his garden. Behind his ear a flower offer for the souls.
Teu Toikot is feeding his pigs in Dorougot.
Teu Toikot is peparing food for his pigs and chickens. Consisting of grinded sago and coconut.
Teu Toikot is fishing for a chicken for dinner.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Teu Toikot blesses the soul of the chicken first.
Monkey skull hunting trophy
Snake skin drums are used for the dancing ritual 'turuk'.
Beautiful jungle walk around Dorougot with teu Toikot.
The road from Dorougot to the Kulukubuk waterfall needs some balancing.
Rotan is very important in the Mentawaian culture. Watch out you do not get stuck in the hooks.
There is nothing better than a refreshing dive in the Kulukubuk waterfall after a jungle hike.
This store is our stop for lunch near the Kulukubuk waterfall. The cold drinks are a treat!
Travelling over the Rereiket river back to Siberut.
Arrival in Muntei, Siberut. Your start and end of the jungle tour.
Stay an extra night in our house in Siberut and order a well-deserved lobster dinner after a jungle tour.

Take a peek at the home of teu Soromut AKA Cookie, the closest traditional village.

Aman Ikbuk and his wife.
Aman Ikbuk and his wife.
Uma of aman Ikbuk in Buttui
View from uma enjoy the nature and animals.
A duck, two pigs, a piglet enjoying the afternoon in Buttui
Sometimes pigs can misbehave and be a danger to the other pigs. So, they are put into detention.
Guests are leaving for their jungle tour.
Beautiful bamboo at Rereiket river
Often the water is to shallow for the canoe and it needs to be pushed.
Aman Lemmai our loyal pompong driver.
Our pompong driver aman Lemmai makes these nice little coconut bags.
Bashing the loincloth in Buttui.
Making a loincloth in Buttui.
Yan shows how to wear a loincloth.
In Madobak you can meet Teu Ailamanai, he is very well-respected.
Carrying sago in palm leaves in Buttui
Making a toy for the soul, to keep the souls at peace.
Painting the toy for the soul.
Toy for the soul is hanging.
Medicine men meeting, the men can sit, smoke and talk for hours.
Aman Poto holding his machete.
Aman Poto showing his archery skills in Buttui.
Road from Madobak to Buttui. Guests can choose to partially walk.
No shirt but two umbrellas. She is caring bamboo with pork meat... yummy!
Beautiful dressed medicine man in Buttui.
Walking is not always easy, but Yan and a walking stick make things easier.
Buttui does not need a lot of walking, but if you do it can be quite exciting!
Guests fun with carriers Buttui.
It is raining, medicine man picked up a banana leaf with his machete and created an umbrella.
Medicine man walking home
An older Uma in Buttui
Medicine man making tattoo ink sugar cane.
Traditional tattoo Mentawai
Applying poison in buttui.
Beautiful Mentawaian medicine woman in Buttui.
A family in Buttui
Sitta is making jokes with the kids.
Store near Kulukubuk waterfall, perfect for lunch and cold drinks.
Kulukubuk waterfall from far away, surrounded by nature.

See the vibrant village Buttui with the very curious Aman Ikbuk.

Medicine man Agoi and his family and guests standing in front of his uma.
Medicine man Agoi and his family and guests standing in front of his uma.
Pompong canoe arrives in Malaggasat, you can see the uma on the hill.
Yan, a guest and our loyal pompong driver aman Lemmai.
Side view of the traditional uma of teu Agoi.
The front view of the traditional uma of teu Agoi.
Hunting trophies consisting of monkey, squirrel, boar and deer skulls.
Teu' Agoi's wife takes us fishing, little walk to the river through nature.
Wife of teu Agoi fishes for little shrimp and crab.
Rambutan season is wonderful, plentiful to grab from the tree after fishing.
The view of the uma of teu Agoi, very peaceful isn't it?
Gridinging the bask of a tree, an ingredient for poison.
Bashing the ingredients for poison to let the juices come out.
An inventive way to be able to press the poison out.
Teu Agoi is pressing the poison with great force. He catches the juices in a coconut cup.
The poison is applied to the arrows a couple of times and then dried in the sun.
Yan is preparing the mattresses, sheets, pillows and mosquito nets.
Guest is waking up while having a banana pancake.
Teu Agoi takes us on a beautiful jungle walk while hunting.
The trees are checked for animals, but also fruits.
Teu Agoi is showing his climbing skills while having a laugh.
Teu Agoi came upon some squirrels and shows his archer skills.
Jungle mango - the jungle of Siberut is full of edibles everywhere, you just need to know how to look.
Teu Agoi is walking up the hill to his uma.
A pigeon fell out of the tree.
Teu Agoi and his wife have adopted the baby pigeon.
Our cook is preparing the vegetables on a traditional stove for lunch.
A chicken vegetable soup, fried chicken, egg, rice and sambal saus.
Wife of teu Agoi is wearing traditional Mentawaian ornaments
Teu Agoi's son is showing us how to find sago larvae.
We are not the only ones who want to eat the sago larvae...
Look at those teeth! Sago larvae can be eaten alive, but watch the head.
Teu Agoi's son has made a bag from tree husk to carry the sago larvae in.
Sago larvae sate anyone?
Sago bread is grinded and mixed with grated coconut and sugar before cooking into bread.
Sago bread is cooked in the sago leaf or in bamboo.
Mother pig is feeding her piglets and enjoying the afternoon.

Take a look at the quiet uma on top of a hill, home of teu Agoi.

Aman Toppele and his family. 'Aman Toppele, Attabai, good' he says.
Aman Toppele and his family. 'Aman Toppele, Attabai, good' he says.
The son of aman Toppele is showing the way through the jungle with his machete.
Children waiting for us in the jungle, they walk way faster!
Beautiful nature in jungle trek to Attabai
Get extra energy with a boiled egg during the jungle trek to Attabai.
Aman Toppele's uma entrance.
Aman Toppele is carrying sago home, very heavy!
Sago grinding starts early morning in Attabai, 5 am!
The sun is up and the children are still helping to grind the sago.
Sago is grinded and ready to be washed
Aman Toppele is washing the sago in an inventive washing and sieving equipment.
Traditional cooking in Attabai.
Aman Toppele is ready to eat sago and pork meat. Children in de back have already started.
Pigs and chickens eat sago too.
Aman Toppele's wife is fixing her hair.
Aman Toppele's dog named Rambo.
Our loyal pompong driver aman Lemmai is happy to see us.
Jungle trek to Attabai has many ups and downs.
Beautiful spot to rest a bit in jungle the of Attabai.
As the jungle of Attabai is still unspoilt there are beautiful large tree still.
Walking for hours can be quite tiring, resting near a river can be nice and cooling.
Walking through water in the jungle is normal. Please bring suitable trekking shoes.
The Kulukubuk waterfall surrounded by nature. Perfect ending to an Attabai jungle trek.

Go to Attabai through thick jungle and see how Aman Toppele lives.

Sakuddei sitting on tree.
Sakuddei sitting on tree.
Traditional Uma of Sakuddei.
Mentawai headband, hairpiece and necklace.
This Mentawaian gong is a must in ceremonies.
Delicious Mentawai bananas
Sakuddei meeting together, the men can smoke and talk for hours!
Toys of soul blessing the uma.
Unspoilt nature in Sakuddei, still large trees.
Sakuddei nature walk.
These pretty mushrooms can be eaten. They grow with full moon, get them before the pigs do.
Large tree Sakuddei
Jungle flower
Little mushroom in Sakuddei
Big beetle Mentawai
Not keen on walking the whole way back? Book a boat from Sagulubbe.

A glimpse of the most known and one of the oldest clans, more photos will follow soon!

Traditional turuk dance ceremony.
Traditional turuk dance ceremony.
Walking to Simatalu is intense, because most of it is walking beside the river for hours.
Yet it is incredible nature. Simatalu is definitely Yan's favourite tour.
Boys help carry luggage to Simatalu. You will thank us later.
When walking through thick jungle for hours it is a sight to see above the trees.
The jungle to and around Simatalu is still unspoilt, so many large trees can be found.
Traditional wedding parade.
Traditional wedding clothing in Simatalu.
The bride wearing, traditional wedding clothes.
A baby seat in Simatalu.
A woman is washing her baby in Simatalu.
What a cutie! An inventive little seat.
Uma Simatalu medicine man and woman.
Hunting trophies in uma in Simatalu.
Uma Simatalu view to outside.
Little piglets trying to wake up mother pig.
Blessing of new canoes on Simatalu river.
Medicine man and woman canoeing to their fields.
Family canoeing back from their fields with fresh produce.
Girls fishing little crabs and shrimps in Simatalu river, which they put in the bamboo on her back.
Little girl stirring the canoe.
Children playing in the river.
Boy playing in canoe.

Experience the mythical origin of the Mentawai people and one of the oldest clans, more photos will follow soon!

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