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Spear gun fishing island in front of Umata Village.
Spear gun fishing island in front of Umata Village.

How to get there

Getting to the Mentawai Islands requires some planning and there are several ways to get to Siberut Island. The most convenient way is taking the Mentawai Fast Ferry from Padang to Siberut on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday at 7 am. To get to the Umata Village accommodation you will need to organise a speed boat pick up with us. We can also arrange an airport pick up including Mentawai Fast tickets. Please read this page for the transit options and costs.

Mentawai Fast Ferry at Siberut harbour.
Mentawai Fast Ferry at Siberut harbour.

The Mentawai Fast ferry

There are overnight ferries to the Mentawai, but we recommend using the Mentawai Fast ferry for your convenience. The ferry goes between Padang and Siberut 3 times a week and back to Padang the same day. The best day to take the ferry to Siberut is Thursday as it goes straight to Siberut and does not stop in Sikabaluan first. Another option is taking the ferry to Tuapejat, from there you can take a slow ferry to Siberut or arrange a pick up with us by speedboat.

The Mentawai Fast ferry schedule

The times are given in Western Indonesian time (WIB). Please mind they depart on time, do not be late! Arrival times may vary due to weather conditions. Umata Village cannot be held accountable for the Mentawai fast schedule.

The Mentawai Fast ferry rates

The price of a one-way ticket is 350.000 Rp (approx. €23). Regular baggage is included in the price, but for surfboard bags the following applies:

  • 230.000 Rp (approx. €15) surfboard bag between 10-15 kg
  • 460.000 Rp (approx. €30) surfboard bag between 15-25 kg
  • 690.000 Rp (approx. €45) surfboard bag over 25 kg
A boy going over the river to Karangmajat island by boat.
A boy going over the river to Karangmajat island by boat.

Transits to the Umata accommodation

To get to the Umata Village accommodation on Karangmajat Island you will need to pre-book a boat ride with us. it takes about 1.5 hour from Siberut depending on the weather and how heavy the boat is loaded. We are also able to pick you up from several other points.

Note we are also able to pick you up from other accommodations in e.g. Nyang-Nyang or Pei-Pei.

Pompong Siberut national park.
Pompong Siberut national park.

Padang airport to Mentawai islands

The gateway to get to Siberut is the city Padang. There are numerous flights arriving at the Minangkabau International Airport (PDG) daily from e.g. Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Medan. Due to the Ferry schedule to the Mentawai Islands you may have to spend the first and last night in Padang. Transport from Padang airport to the main hotel district takes around 1 hour and about 5-15 mins to the fast ferry port. We can arrange your airport transfer, just let us know the amount of people and what luggage you are carrying.

Prices include an airport – hotel – harbour transfer plus the Mentawai Fast ticket(s). Prices do not include accommodation in Padang.

Padang offers a wide variety of accommodation options at different price ranges. Let us know if you need any recommendations or assistance in making a reservation.

All Umata Village’s guests receive a 10% discount at Kokos Hostel near Padang harbour. A comfortable accommodation, enjoy their garden rooftop bar with relaxing pool.

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