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Surf tours

In the South of Siberut lies the hearth of the Mentawai Islands: Playgrounds. Here the Indian Ocean is constantly sending waves which have traveled long and built up power, creating perfect left- and right-handers over the coral reefs off the islands. The Umata Village accommodation is located near Baby Kandui and a walking/paddle distance from Four Bobs, Kandui and Karambak-Left. By boat more than 20 quality surf breaks are reachable within 40 minutes. Below a map of the surf breaks are shown, these do not include the secret spots.

Underwater photo of surfer resting on his board.
Underwater photo of surfer resting on his board.

Surf tour packages

Stay in Umata Village’s beachfront traditional Mentawaian longhouse away from the crowds. The camp is located on Karangmajat Island and is home to 7 world class waves. White coral beaches alternated with mangroves, and small islands surrounded by coral reef. There are several snorkelling spots minutes away and a few of the best fishing spots in the Mentawai Islands!

Guests can travel to Umata Village from Padang 3 days a week with trips starting & ending in Padang every Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Minimum stay 8 days.

Catching a barrel at A-Frames, Playgrounds.
Catching a barrel at A-Frames, Playgrounds.

Surf boat

Umata Village’s guests can pre-book private speedboats. There is an option for a small boat for 1 to 4 people and a large boat for up to 8 guests. All boats come with a boat operator, snacks and sodas.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Whole day surfing near Umata Village, waves such as Rifles, 4 bobs, Baby-Kandui, Kandui, Pistols and A-frames.
  • Whole day surfing further away from Umata Village, waves like E-Bay, Hideways, Pitstops, Beng-Beng, Bankvault, Nipussi and Burgerworld.
Preparing Umata Village speed boat.
Preparing Umata Village speed boat.

Surf guide or photographer

For your ultimate surf trip we can arrange a surf guide or photographer with you on the surf boat. These guys are local freelancers, know the surf spots well and love what they do.

Surf guide

The prices of a surf guide are per group.

Surf photographer

The prices of a surf photographer are per person.

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